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Brugg Cables’ impressive testing laboratory provides you with limitless testing opportunities in high-voltage and energy technology. You’ll be impressed by our technology as well as our expertise. That means you benefit both from the scientific know-how and the many years of experience built up by our highly qualified employees.

At 19,000 m³, Brugg Cables’ Faraday cage is one of the largest test facilities in Europe. This gives you the opportunity to have even very large components, e.g. isolators for electrical networks, and complex systems tested by Brugg. 

For industrial customers, our high-voltage testing laboratories can be used for quality assurance and checking the rated voltage of power transformers and circuit breakers. A state-of-the-art partial discharge detector and the high shielding performance of the Faraday cage enable measurements to be performed with the absolute minimum level of interference.

The testing options can be performed in accordance with many different European, US and Chinese standards. Test reports are certified either by Brugg Cables or an internationally accredited testing organisation.

Technical data
Commissioned: 2014
Quality certificates: ISO 9001: 2008 certified since 1997, ISO 14001, ISO 17025
Volume of Faraday cage: length 36 m x width 22 m x height 24 m 

 Impressive testing opportunities in our high voltage laboratory