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Product & Services


Aiming at developing its activities in production, transmission and distribution of electricity through cooperation with European and East-Asian reputable companies, Panianir commercial department has been working in an attempt to provide the essential equipment, to enhance the engineering knowledge and technology.

Steel structure

Considering the lack of steel structure production in central Iran and meeting current projects requirements, Panianir group attempted to establish a steel structure production factory, with it working in four main areas of steel structures for power substations and power transmission and distribution lines, solar power plants’ steel structures, steel structures for industrial sheds and buildings and telecommunication towers and lighting poles.

Substations and transmission line

Designing, providing equipment and implementing projects of electrical substations and transmission lines are among technical missions performed by Panianir manufacturing group, now working extensively in this area.

New energy

In order to develop DG power plants in Iran and to facilitate the privatization of this industry, this department has been vastly working in the field, aiming at reducing fossil fuel consumption, saving more energy, encouraging more use of free God-given energy resources in energy production and saving the environment as well.


In an attempt to expand its engineers and professionals' technical knowledge in power engineering fields, Panianir training department has intensively and independently held several technical courses and classes in the field and has issued authorized domestic and international certificates for the trainees.


Considering the lack of rain transport facilities in Iran and a need for an extended development of rail transport industry in near future, such a development concerns Panianir manufacturing group. Panianir is working to put it into practice as soon as possible using domestic technologies available on the one hand and consulting the authorized European companies about the coming issues on the other.