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About us

Being a corporate consisting of well-experienced managers in industrial domains and enjoying a well-versed, expert and young personnel in the field of electricity, Panianir group was established in 1997. This group, as a manufacturing, industrial and international commercial company and together with its six other divisions have been working in several technical sub-fields of the electrical industry. The establishment of Panianir Tajhiz Co. served as an initial step information and development of Panianir group now, together with its other divisions, working in such fields as follow:

  • Maintaining the equipment needed for HV power posts and transmission line

  • Manufacturing metal structure related to HV power posts, transmission line and Photovoltaic power plants

  • Designing and implementing projects of clean energy manufacturing

  • Designing and implementing HV power post and transmission line projects

  • Training the personnel and enhancing the engineers' technical knowledge in electricity